Words Meaning
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Washing hair using vinegar to cleanse, clarify and remove bacteria.
Big Ass Afro Afro textured natural hair that is 12 inches in length or longer styled in a very large round, curly or both afro hairstyle
Product Junkie A person who constantaly purchase different products when they see or hear about its existance to try on their hair.
Big Chop When all of the chemically processed hair is cut off down to the natural new growth.
Teenie Weenie Afro Afro textured natural hair that is no more than 1 inch long, this style is generally worn after cutting off all chemically processed hair.
Transitioning Deciding not to cut chemically processed ends while allowing natural hair to grow; maintaing two different textures of hair of chemically processed hair and natural hair.
Conditioner Washing  Washing hair with conditoner instead of shampoo. Also referred as Co-Wash or Co-Washing
AMLA Powder Indian Goose Berry; if used regularly it gives nourishment to the hair.  It may remove mild dandruff from hair and scalp giving body to hair strands.
Banding technique Separating hair in medium sections placing bands (protected elastic bands to ensure no hair breakage) from scalp to the end of hair in sections while elongating the bands.
Bantu knots Section off a small to medium section of hair and twist hair to the end. Next start wrapping hair around itself starting at the scalp creating a knot that will stand up on its own. Make sure the ends are tucked under the knot to refrain from visability. Another name is Zulu knots.
Bentonite clay Needs to be a gray cream color if it’s white it’s probabily not Bentonite clay.  Pulls out all the toxins and impuriates in scalp and hair without drying or stripping hair of natural hairs and makes hair softner.
Coily Hair strands that resembles a spring.
Creamy Crack Chemically altering products that straightens afro textured hair such as perms or relaxers.
2nd Day Hair Natural hair that still looks good following the initial style day and is not frizzy.
2a/2b/2c Wavy Hair (resembles the shape of the letter “S”) type classification system created by Andre Walker.  Andre Walker has won many Emmys for his work on the Oprah show. 
2a Fine, thin and very easy to handle wavy hair.
2b Medium textured wavy hair that has little resistant to styling.
2c Thick and course wavy hair that is more resistant to styling and will frizz easily.
3a/3b/3c Cury Hair (resembles a definite loopy “S” pattern) type classification system created by Andre Walker.  Andre Walker has won may Emmys for his work on the Oprah show.
3a  Curls that are naturally big, loose and usually very shiny
3b Medium amount of curl, from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.
3c Tight curls in a corkscrew pattern
4a/4b Kinky, wiry, or very tightly curled hair with a clear visible curl  type classification system created by Andre Walker. 
4a  Tightly coiled hair that has a “S” pattern when its stretched.
4b Tightly coiled hair that has a “Z” pattern when stretched with less of a defined curl pattern.
Aloe Ver gel/juice Moisturizing for hair and skin
Natural Hair Hair that is completely free of chemical processing
Rod Set Rolling hair on perm rods to set hair into curls
Rolls Rolling hair to create a hairstyle (french roll, finger coils)
Shea Butter Most popular butter for hair and skin.
Straw Set Setting hair on straws for a curly hairstyle
Water Best moisture element for natural hair
Accordian Technique Lorainne Massey author of Curly Girl created this method to help define curls by scrunching hair in an accordion formation.
Afro A rounded naturally curly coiled hairstyle
Argan Oil Oil that is produced from kernels of a argan tree grown in Morocco that is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.  Another name used is Moroccan Oil.
Baggy Applying a Plastic Cap or Shower Cap overnight covering moisturized hair to help retain moisture to reduce breakage, split ends and dryness.  
Bantu Knot Out Section off a small to medium section of hair and twist wet hair to the end. Next start wrapping hair around itself starting at the scalp creating a knot that will stand up on its own. Make sure the ends are tucked under the knot to refrain from visability once dried unravel the knots to create defined curly hair.  Another name is Zulu knot out.
Brizilian Keratin Treatment A treatment that straightens hair without harsh chemicals.
Braid and Curl Plaiting or braiding wet hair and curling the ends with rollers allowing to air dry or use a hair dryer.  Once hair is dry remove rollers and unraval braids or plaits for a wavy and curly hairstyle.
Bradelocz Hair technique of locking hair with small braids which are maintained by latching or palm-rolling.  The Bradelocz e-book was written by Cherie King.
Braid Out Braiding damp or moist hair in cornrolls or single braids to unravel after hair drys to have a defined curly hairstyle.
Bra Strap Length A hair length guide referencing hair reaching the hortizontal strap of a bra that is positioned on your back.
Budding First stage of dreadlocks and locking hair.
Collar Bone Length A hair length guide referencing hair growth that reaches your collar bone.
Curly Girl A hair technique, [Say no to shampoo, unplug the dryer, and find your inner curl!] to capture your best natural curls based on the book [Curly Girl] Author Lorraine Massey.
Comb Coils Hair technique utilizing the tail of a rattail comb at the root of small sections of hair and turning comb to create a coil.
Silicones  Non water soluble ingredient found in some hair care products  that has to be washed out well unless your hair will have a heavy product buildup.
Conrow A braiding style where hair is braided close to the scalp.
Denman A company that manufactures a curl defining brush that is used by many women who wear their hair natural.
Detangler A hair conditioner  that coats hair to smooth scales on the outer surface of the hair to prevent tangles.
Detangling To patiently remove knots and tangles using fingers or detangling hair products to smooth hair for manageability.
Deep Treatment Using a moisturizing conditoner using heat to penetrate conditioner through your hair for an extended period of time to add moisture back into the hair.
Deep Conditioning Using a moisturizing conditoner using heat to penetrate conditioner through your hair for an extended period of time to add moisture back into the hair.
Dusting Evenly trimming 1/4 inch of hair or less, the name is derived from the little hair that look like dust on the floor.
Essential Oils Natural oils (Jojoba, Rosemary, Lavender, etc.)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil A natural oil that promotes hair growth, prevent dandruff and makes hair shiny and soft.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil A natural sealant used to lock in moisture to prevent dryness by smoothing hair cuticules and adding shine.
Flat Twist A braiding technique similar to cornrolls, however a two strand twist braiding method by twisting hair flat on the head.
Fluff Achieving maximum volume and fullness to hair by finger combing and platting hair in an upward motion.
Flax Seed Gel Homemade hair gel recipe using flax seeds which does not cause scalp or hair dryness.
Henna A natural color or hair dye.
Staple Product A phase used when you have tried a product and it gives you favorable results and you continuous use the product.
Health Hair Journey Statement that describes the healthly daily progression to achieve longer hair.
Hand in Hair Touching your hair or manipulating your hair when it’s already fixed.
Hand in Fro Touching your fro or manipulating your fro when it’s already fixed.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil Castor oil that has been manufactured in Jamaica. The oil  has a reputation of promoting increased hair growth by thickening and strengthening hair.
Kinky Curly Curling Custard A styling hair product made with natural ingredients used to elongate and define naturally curly hair.
Latch Hooking A method used to maintain dreadlocks by incorporating the new growth into the locks.
Mid Back Length A hair growth guide that references when your hair reaches the middle of your back.
Nappyversary The Anniversary date of when your hair became fully natural.
Organic Root Stimulator A hair care product line that contains herbal ingredients to aid in naturally restoring hair and scalp.
Palm Rolling A hair stying method to maintain dreadlocks by enabling the knots in the lock to tighten.  This method is done by placing  a single dreadlock between the middle of your palms and rubbing the dreadlock back and forth vigorously.
Pineappling A hair maintance method to keep your naturally curly hair style preserved while sleeping to have second day hair.  The technique is obtained by placing your hair in a high loose ponytail on the top of the head and sleeping on a satin pillowcase.  When you take the ponytail down the curls are still there while gently shaking the hair.
Pixies Small individual braids without hair extentions (weave).  If you choose to use hair extentions (weave) you can create the style by creating small individual box braids cutting in layers and sealing the ends of the braid with heat generally using a cigarette lighter. The braids are usually curled or bent at the ends towards the face.
Plopping A quicker hair drying method to help enhance your waves and curls by wrapping a t-shirt or cotton cloth on your head to dry your hair.
Pre-Poo Natural oils or a deep conditioner applied to hair for about 15 minutes or more before you shampoo.
Protective Style A hairstyle where the ends of your hair are tucked away from the sun, wind, heat and constant manupulation that can cause hair damage.  One of the benefits of wearing protective styles is to grow healthier and longer hair.  Some examples are Two Strand Twists, Buns, Braids, Drawstring Ponytails, Sew-in Weaves and Wigs. 
Regimen Everyday or weekly haircare and styling guide.
Search and Destroy Searching for any split ends or single strand knots and snipping it with cutting shears.
Sealing Applying product to the ends of hair to keep them moisturized and reduce hair breakage.  An example is using a water based moisturizer where water is listed first in a conditioner or cream and seal with a hair butter or oil.  Commonly known as Seal the Ends.
Shingling Miss Jessie’s salon created this hair styling methond which is used to define natural curls by applying a cream, leave in conditioner or gel with a comb or fingers.  While spreading product from the roots to the ends in a downward motion while smoothing and stretching hair will define natural curls.
Sisterlocks Dreadlock that are tiny.  These tiny dreadlocks are created with a specialized tool that places the hair into a locking formation that does not require gels or waxes.
Slip Describes how slippery a product feels on hair and how effective it coats the hair for detangling.
Sodium Lauryl Sufate Commonly found synthetic chemical, that is drying to the hair, found in many shampoos.
Twist and Curl Twisting damp or moist hair in two strand twists and curling the ends with rollers or flexi rods.  Allow hair to air dry overnight or use a hair dryer to set style, once hair is dried take rods off and unravel twists to achieve a curly and wavy hairstyle.
Twist Out A hairstyle created by two strand twisting wet or dry hair and unraveling twist that are dry to achieve a wavy hair style.
Two Strand Twist This style is also referred to as Twisties, Twists, or Double Strand Twist.  This hairstyle can be created on wet or dry hair taking a section of hair and dividing into two even pieces and twist each section around each other until you reach the end of your hair.  Repeat this technique for the entire head.
Virgin Hair Hair that is natural from the roots and completely free of any chemical processing.
Wet and Go Quick hair styling technique that is similar to Wash and Go (WnG), however you do not wash your hair.  The hair is simply drenched or sprayed with leave-in conditioner and water to define curls.
Wash and Go Quick hair styling technique of washing hair with a shampoo or co-washing (conditioner washing) and apply styling gel or cream to create a style. Allow hair to air dry or utilize a diffuser to dry hair.