Welcome to Naturalocity

Naturalocity is a natural hair retail store promoting a movement to remove all natural hair beauty insecurities for women and little girls to excel in this world. We offer comprehensive Internet resources for women who desire to learn and love their natural hair and to participate in a growing healthy natural hair community revolving around the natural hair movement.

Naturalocity is striving to have Natural Hair Shows continuously in large department stores and venues to showcase our various natural hair styles, our love for our natural hair, natural products, wellness and our superb style from every facets in the fashion industry. Being in society’s forefront representing and showcasing our style, grace, appearance, wellbeing and the utmost respect for our decision to wear our hair it its natural state will ultimately remove all spoken and unspoken beauty standards with natural hair that dictates what qualifies as acceptable beauty standards.

Here you will have unlimited access to Natural hair information through articles, pictures, how-to style natural hair videos, literature, links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Interactive natural hair resource mediums through blogs are available as well.

Naturalocity will also offer online apparel focusing on continuous encouragement for women across every city in the US and Overseas to continue their Natural Hair Journey. Our focus is to encourage a sense of unity with women in every city who decide to wear their Natural Hair confidently and to not fall victim to chemically straightening products when frustrations arise.

Naturalocity Women =  women in every city embracing and loving their natural hair from conservative to edgy styles and representing amazing style.

 Naturalocity is YOU!!!