Cute protective natural hair style pictures and tutorial.

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Image feeling extremely beautiful wearing this hairstyle in public and in Corporate America. Well that’s how I felt receiving numerous compliments on my hair and if you find this hairstyle an inspiration, I know you will receive that same reception from family, friends and people you don’t know.

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo - Front View -

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo – Front View – Naturalocity

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo - Right View -www.

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo – Right View – Naturalocity

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo - Left View -

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo – Left View – Naturalocity

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo - Back View -

Two Strand Twists and Cornrows Natural Hair Updo – Back View – Naturalocity

Please see the video below for step by step detailed footage on how to create this hairstyle. Under the video I have transcribe the video content. I hope you enjoy the video. Please find Naturalocity on Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and of course

These are pictures of my natural hair protective style salon visit on May 25, 2012. This style has cornrows and two strand twist that are pinned up using hairpins and not bobby pins. If you like this style, please keep watching for detailed footage on how this style was created.


Hello Welcome to Naturalocity, yesterday I was at the salon where I requested a protective natural hairstyle updo. The weather here is hot and I just didn’t want my hair to hang on my shoulders or my neck and this is the hairstyle that we came up with. So let me show you what it looks like, Here the front, top, left side, back and right side. And this hairstyle is comprised of cornrows, leading on an angle in the back and two strand individual twists throughout the remainder of my hair.

And as she was constructing the two twists individual twists I have I did make another video about two strand twist challenge. I attempted it for three weeks but uh towards the fifth and sixth day it started to become fuzzy. And one of my great subscribers, thank you, she advised me to ask my stylist to actually braid some of the hair and then twist to end. And that’s what I stylist did on each one of my individual twists. So I really think this hairstyle will look nice for the entire seven days that and yes I do wear my natural hairstyles for seven days because I ’m not an individual that wants to fool with my hair daily. 5 minutes is max that I am wanting to fool with my hair. So I will invest hours in a salon, one day of week. So my hairstyle will last for the entire week. And I really think this hairstyle is going to make it.

The products that she used on my hair was the Carols Daughters Tui Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo, and then she followed up with the Carols Daughtes’s Tui Hair Smoothie which is a conditioner where I was placed under a hair steamer for 30 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment and then she applied KeraCare’s leave in conditioner along with KeraCare Butter Cream which is daily moisturizer. And it gives great moisture and I absolutely love that products. And then your going to see footage of the rest of my time at the hair salon when she constructed this hairstyle. If you like this hairstyle or if you know anyone who would like this hairstyle, please stay tuned for the natural hair style tutorial on how to construct this hairstyle. And at the end, please leave a comment in the box below, thank you and have a great day.

My hair has already been washed and conditioned now my hairstylist is placing KeraCare’s leave in conditioner on my hair for extra conditioning due to my hair being natural. And the more conditioning that my hair has for a leave in conditioning the better it feels. And after she applies the KeraCare leave in conditioner she going to apply KeraCare’s Buttercream to my scalp. Actually KeraCare Buttercream is their daily moisturizer so as she’s placing the moisturizer on my scalp, it’s getting my hair extra moisture that I do wear my hairstyles for an entire week and just so I won’t have any issues with my hair. So she’s gently separating my hair with her hands and she’s putting the KeraCare Buttercream on my scalp and then she’s going to massage it in and proceed with the style of this two stand twist cornrow natural hair updo. So she’s already finished with that and now she’s going to start with my cornrows.

And a couple of months back I created a video of a two strand twist challenge. Where I attempted two strand twists every week. I had my hair styled in two strand twists and I wanted them to last the entire week. Well it really lasted from 5 to 6 days before it really started to look fuzzy. But one of my great subscribers suggested to ask my stylist to braid some and then continue with the two strand twist. So this is the technique that she is going to use throughout the entire head of my hair where it is two strand individual twists. She’s going to section off my hair with a rattail end of the comb. And then she’s gong to use KeraCare twist and Define Cream on that section. She going to braid, maybe about three turns around of a braid and then she’s going to finish off that two strand individual twist with just twisting the hair around each other.

So here she is right now she applied some of the twist and define cream to my hair and now she’s getting ready to, she puts her fingers really close together to make sure the braid is very firm against my scalp just to make sure this hairstyle will last for the entire seven days the entire entire week because I do get my hair styled on a weekly basis and I need my hairstyles to last the seven days because I do no want to fool with my hair daily for the maintenance as far as overall styling. I will if my hair seems to be dry, I will add my KeraCare Buttercream to scalp and gently massage it in. And if I see that my hair is looking dull I have an oil combination of sweet almond oil and jojoba oil and I spray it on my hair and I just pat it in. And I really don’t have much problem with moisture with my hair for the simple fact that I do drink a lot of water and I use great products on my hair.

But the season right now is becoming really hot so as I go outside the sun is beaming on my hair, I need to wear a hat or something to cover my hair because the sun is drying. So I just don’t want to have any issues with that so, just a side note because the temperature is getting hot. So here she is right now, you’re going to see her do that same technique. She’s going to grab a small section of hair and she’s going to braid three time around and she’s going to finish it off with the two strand individual twists. And I’ve actually worn this hairstyle for three days now and I haven’t had any issues with my hair looking fuzzy. So I really think this hairstyle will make it until my next salon visit. And now she’s just going to twist the hair around each other. So I don’t have footage of each individual twist on my hair just because this style is so repetitious, so she does the same technique and you see the hair hanging down in the back.

She put her hairdryer on a cool setting just to to dry it out, dry my hair because at the back section, that and that’s the only section where the cornrows will be constructed. So all the top part she used the tail of the rattail comb, she grabbed a section of hair used the Twist and Define cream braided it maybe three times around and then she did the two strand individual twists to complete the style. So from that part on up, I just have two strand individual twists at the top of my hair. So back here is where she is going to create the cornrows and the cornrows are only in the back of my hair. So what she’s going to do is use the tail end, the rattail comb and she is going to make sure that her parts are as straight as they can be and she is going to section off with a metal clip to make sure that the hair that she’s not working with won’t get in her way. And as she’s making the cornrow she is making sure that her fingers are very close together so when she’s forming the cornrows the loops of the cornrow are very close together so it will look very neat. So she’s doing the same technique over and over and over again.

If you’re attempting this hairstyle for the first time practice makes perfect, so one thing with natural hair is that it’s very repetitive for the styles that you do wear. So practice, practice, practice makes perfect if you want to try this hairstyle and again it’s comprised to two stand individual twists and cornrows in the back of your head. And I have read many books and looked online that protective styling is the way to go if you want to retain length and make sure that your hair can he as healthy as it can be, so that is what I have bought into the ideology that protective styling and make sure that your hair is very moisturized and make sure you use great products on your hair so that’s what I’m shooting for. Because my goal is to have waist length hair, I’m not there yet, but I will get there eventually so these videos help me to see the progression of my hair and its growth and make sure that it’s going on the right path and if you enjoy watching my videos, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Here she’s doing the same technique, right now she cornrowed and at the end of the cornrow she doing the two stand flat twist, so she’s doing the same technique similar in the back as she did as the individual twists in the front. So as she’s completing the cornrow and when it makes the braid she’s still braiding down a little bit but she’s completing that section by doing the two strand individual twists. I have footage of that, it’s coming up shortly so I’ll make sure that I point it out to you when we get to that section. But here she is cornrowing over to the left and once she gets finished cornrowing, she going to braid some and then she going to end up with the two stand individual twist at the end. Right there, she’s just twisted it around each other to finish off that section of hair. And pretty much she’s doing the same technique over and over and over, in the back of my head and this is the last of the two strand flat twist that is leading off of the cornrow so all of my hair has been two strand flat twist and cornrowed.

So now the technique is to gather the hair up and apply a hair pin to my hair and every last hairpin that she’s applying to my hair has a protective coating to it. Just so the pin does not snag my hair to cause damage to my hair. So if you’re doing this style, please use protective coating hairpins, if you don’t want to use hairpins you can use bobby pins. But my hair stylist just decided to use hair pins on this particular hairstyle. So on the side of my hair, what she’s doing she just grabbing maybe 4 or 5 of the two stand individual twists, she bringing them upward and curling them down and applying a hairpin to It to make sure the two stand twists are going up to create an updo for the simple fact the weather here is hot so I did not want hair on my neck, and actually this hairstyle is good hairstyle for the Fall/Winter as well. Because in the Winter most people normally wear sweaters and if you don’t want your hair to rub against your sweater maybe causing friction or breakage.

This hairstyle is actually is good for the Fall/ Winter. It’s Spring, getting ready to become Summer here, so I needed my hair up and out of the way. And this hairstyle fit my criteria of a low maintenance hairstyle because of the three days that I have worn this hairstyle, all I do at night is wrap it up with a satin scarf and if I notice that my hair is dull, I spritz it with an oil combination of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil and if I feel that my hair is dry I’ll apply the KeraCare’s butter cream to my hair and those products works great for my hair you don’t necessarily have to use the products that I use. I just want to let you know what I do. So my hair stylist is almost, she letting me look at my hair to make she that I like it. I did notice some of my two strand twists in the front, I wanted them to be pinned up, I didn’t want it to be on my neck. So notice on the left and the right hand side of my hair, I did have her to use a hair rinse at the top of my hair because I do have pesky grays and it did run on my face, however when I went home I just washed my face and it came right off. So, I wanted to put that in for a side note.

So now I’m going to show you pictures of me in the salon when I left. So thank you so much for watching Naturalocity’s Channel and if you enjoyed this video or if you have a comment or if you have a suggestion please leave it in the box below and thank you so much for watching Naturalocity’s channel. And I have a few more seconds, so the right hand side, you see the hair rinse on my face and again it washed right away and here’s the front part of my hair. So again, thank you so much for watching Naturalocity’s channel and Naturalocity is actually on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and coming soon I will have my website at

End of Transcription of Video.

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