Weekly Natural Hair Regimen

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One for the biggest frustration statement among women who wear their natural hair is, “My hair isn’t doing this and I need it to do that”. We must train our hair to behave the way we would like. Incorporating a consistent routine that transform into a regimen is a great start to combat any frustrations.

I’m structuring this natural hair post under the assumptions that weekly hair washing, deep conditioning and styling is performed by a cosmetologist who cares about proper care for natural hair and great products.

When you make an appointment with your hair stylist, it would be nice to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. ¬†If you need to cancel or if you’re going to be late, please contact your stylist for the sake of courtesy.

When it’s your turn in the stylist chair, your stylist should make sure their clients hair is properly detangled. ¬†Moving over to the shampoo bowl you should feel relaxed and your scalp should feel clean. Please see video for a great way to have your stylist shampoo your hair.


Now, it’s time to deep condition. A ample amount of conditioner should be applied to your hair, a plastic cap should cover your hair and a heat source should be used for 30 minutes. A heat source can be a hair steamer, hair dryer, heat cap, etc. Please see video below for proper conditioning.

From all the books I have read, protective styling is the way to go. Please see the video below for an example of protective styling.


This post is under the assumption that your visit the salon, I will post other variations of natural hair regimens.
Remember, we are beautiful women in various cities rocking our natural hair with boundless styling options. Thank you for taking time to read my first blog. Have a Great Day.

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